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Arts-based Team Building
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Guide your team, your students, and yourself
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Professional Team Building Atlanta

For Professional Teams

  • Increase job satisfaction and retention
  • Improve team communication and trust
  • Strengthen management skills
  • Build efficiency and collaboration
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For Graduate Schools

  • Fulfilling Careers Icon
    Guide students to fulfilling careers
  • Improve Interview Outcomes Icon
    Improve interview outcomes
  • Student Mental Health Icon
    Nurture student mental health
  • Maximize Networking Opportunities Icon
    Maximize networking opportunities
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For Individuals

  • Gain clarity on your values and priorities
  • Make mindful choices about the things you want
  • Develop more satisfying relationships
  • Have more time for yourself, your friends, and your hobbies
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Individual Career Coaching Atlanta

If you have come to this site, you know that you, your team, or your students can experience richer and more fulfilling lives, personally and professionally.

You and the people you support deserve to access your unique gifts. To listen to your authentic voice. To identify and pursue your passions. To be in healthy environments. To live with intention. To thrive (not just survive) in strength and joy.

Let’s make it happen – online or in person!

Dr. Ariela Freedman Signature Dr. Ariela Freedman Owner & Founder, MavenTree Consulting Meet Ariela
Dr. Ariela Freedman

In my time as a Strengths coach I have helped


Professionals communicate effectively and build team trust


Graduate students make healthy career decisions


Individuals identify a clear path for a fulfilling future

Connect with Me and Make a Plan

Connect with Me and Make a Plan

Schedule a free 30 minute Zoom call. We’ll discuss your goals, timing, and budget. I’ll email you a proposal, and we’ll work together from there.

Identify Strengths Icon

Identify Strengths

You, your team, or your students will take the CliftonStrengths assessment to identify the things each person does best.

Maximize Potential

Maximize Potential

This is where the magic happens. We’ll apply your Strengths to a variety of areas, including improving team communication, building students’ networking or interview skills, or clarifying your own path and purpose.

Experience a Richer Life and Career

Experience a Richer Life and Career

You’ll have a framework for making confident choices, grounded in your authentic Strengths and values, that you can navigate challenging situations, now and in the future.

I’ve now gotten a chance to participate in the strengths workshop with Ariela multiple times, and each time, I learn something new. She’s an excellent facilitator – the three hours fly by, and she brings such good, positive energy in with constructive opportunities for learning and growth. Our board, our students, our staff, and our overall culture are all benefitting from her coaching and wisdom!

Rabbi Lauren Henderson Congregation Or Hadash

Ariela is an AMAZING coach!!! She helped me identify my strengths and how they apply in a variety of settings. I have learned more about myself and what I need in a professional setting. Ariela is also so inspiring and supportive. She’s invested in learning about you and helping you succeed in whatever field you choose. Words cannot describe how much our coaching sessions have helped me as a graduate student and as an individual. Ariela is a light that shines bright to help guide you on your journey.

Rae Hunter - Testimonial
Rae Hunter PhD Candidate, Emory University

We’ve worked with Ariela since early 2019. She’s provided individual CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder) coaching and training for our whole company, including facilitating our company retreats for the last three years. She’s helped us better understand ourselves and improve team dynamics. Ariela takes the time to understand our company’s goals and puts a personalized, custom touch on each team activity. We’ve truly enjoyed working with Ariela, in person and online, and highly recommend her services!

Abe Kruger - Testimonial
Abe Kruger SK Collaborative

Strengths coaching with Ariela refocused my attention on my deep-seeded motivations and drivers, allowing me to connect with my internal, rather than external, markers of success. The process came at a crucial time for me as I was able to draw on Ariela’s assessment when having an important but hard conversation with myself about what path I wanted to follow after graduating and why. I am forever grateful for the role she played in helping me decide on the right career path for me.

Yulia Chuvileva - Testimonial
Yulia Chuvileva Postdoctoral Fellow, CDC & Adjunct Instructor, Emory University

Ariela provided the CliftonStrengths training to our Emory Rollins COVID-19 Epidemiology Fellows over the past 2 years. This in-depth and personalized training helped them learn about their unique Strengths and how to apply them in the current public health crisis. I received rave reviews from the participants after the training. We also utilized a similar training with Rollins MPH students in a leadership development program. Even though previously Ariela had provided these trainings in person, she was effective in translating them to the virtual format for a rewarding experience. Ariela was wonderful to work with- responsive and flexible. I would highly recommend her services!

Eve Rose - Testimonial
Eve Rose Director of Admin & Operations, Emory Covid-19 Response Collaborative (ECRC), Emory University

I have truly enjoyed working with Ariela. She is a versatile and gifted coach. She was able to tailor sessions to meet the unique needs of our entire organization. The one-on-one coaching she provided for senior leaders yielded improved working relationships. She has helped engage staff, at all levels, around the topic of Strengths and how to leverage them for professional and personal growth.

Vianca McCluskey County Health Department Administrator, Osceola County

Ariela was amazing to work with! Her love for helping others was shown during the actual program where we brought her to facilitate CliftonStrengths to Emory alumni. Our attendees raved about her energy, passion and empowerment to really help them not just take in all she shared with us but to also feel more confident to leave walking into our lives owning our strengths. I definitely plan on bringing her back in the future!

Yabi Demissie Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, Emory University

Our professional team at Jewish Federation loved working with Ariela! Participants found her to be relatable and fun, and her workshops were relevant and engaging. The artful way Ariela guided us through reflecting upon our individual and collective Strengths left us feeling empowered and excited to collaborate as a team. We can’t wait to dive into this content even further, knowing that greater self-awareness will improve our work us as individuals and as an organization.

Rabbi Elana Perry Director, Jewish Education Collaborative, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

Ariela was wonderful! She kept the entire group engaged throughout and provided a framework to help us understand the ins and outs of putting our volunteer energy to the best use.

Ronette Throne Director of Development, The Epstein School

Invest in your team.
Invest in your students.
Invest in yourself.
Invest in your Strengths.