About Dr. Ariela Freedman

About Dr. Ariela Freedman

I became a certified Strengths coach in 2017 to help people understand their individual Strengths so they can live more balanced, authentic, and purpose-driven lives.

During that time, I have helped:

  • 3,000+ professionals communicate more effectively and build trust during creative, interactive retreats.
  • 800+ graduate students make healthy career decisions through university-sponsored workshops.
  • 200+ individuals gain clarity on personal goals and values through individual coaching sessions.
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Strengths-based coaching works.

When you understand your Strengths, you gain a framework to make personal and professional choices grounded in who you are at your core. Confidence replaces uncertainty and fear. Energy replaces overwhelm. Teamwork replaces turnover.

People who work with me learn how to hear their unique voices, tap into the things they do well, make decisions with confidence, and collaborate more effectively. And the best part: Once you understand your Strengths, you can use them to take control of your life and respond to any challenge that comes your way.

Strengths-based Coaching

About Me

As an educator and behavioral scientist by training, I have several frameworks for understanding the way people operate. My unique approach is shaped by my other identities:

I am an Artist Icon

I am an artist.

I approach challenges creatively and in unexpected ways that encourage people to open up. In addition to my coaching work, I teach art workshops in my home studio, and often integrate art into my professional workshops.

I am a singer Icon

I am a singer.

Becoming a singer has strengthened my ability to work through discomfort in order to grow. I am able to hold space for clients to work through their challenges because I know it is part of the growth process. (Click here for my music!)

I am a Teacher Icon

I am a teacher.

With more than 25 years of guiding students in a variety of environments, I understand how to break down a journey into a series of manageable steps to reduce overwhelm, increase confidence, and encourage action.

I am a parent Icon

I am a parent.

Each day, I engage with a small person who is learning to spread her wings and figure out her place in the world. As I work with clients, being a mom helps me remember that we are all trying to find our way. Each of us can benefit from a little extra love and patience as we grow.

Strength Building

My Strengths

My greatest strength is my ability to draw people in and build trust quickly. I’m relatable and compassionate. I ask thoughtful questions. I am present with individuals and great with connecting a group. I am able to catalyze the energy in a room and bring you on a journey that is engaging, impactful, and actionable.

As a result, clients leave my online and in-person sessions understanding ways they can optimize their positive qualities (Strengths) versus focusing on areas they need to fix. They leave feeling more connected to themselves and to each other.

Leadership Training with Dr. Ariela Freedman

My Background

I began my career as a high school English, drama, and debate teacher in Chicago. I later directed health programming at Head Start in Minneapolis, then served as an Assistant Professor in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

I earned a PhD in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education from Emory University, a Master of Public Health from the University of Minnesota, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a BA in English Literature.

I have worked as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and certified Positive Discipline Trainer in Atlanta since 2017. I am proud that MavenTree is a certified LGBT-owned business.

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Key Numbers


Years of teaching, coaching, and consulting.


Strengths sessions, workshops, and retreats.


Empowered clients.

Working with Ariela was a dream! Her ability to adapt to a group of teenagers and focus on what their needs were was exactly what we needed as a team. The space was welcoming and created a sense of excitement amongst our group to which they were eager to dive in and explore! I’m excited to continue working with Ariela and building the strength and unity of the teens I work with.

Jenn Handel Director of Israel Engagement, Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

Working with Ariela Freedman has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had during my career. I attended the Strengths Based Training, and this has been one of the best trainings I have been to. Not only I learned about my strengths but also about my colleagues and direct reports. Knowing the strengths of people that I daily work with, help me understand and approach them better based on their strengths. Her workshops are very interesting, and she does an excellent job engaging people.

Ana McDougall Senior Health Operations Manager, Florida Department of Health in Osceola County

I loved our Strengths Profile debrief and found it fascinating. What excited and surprised me were how my strengths intertwined with my colleagues and more importantly the staff on my team. I was captivated to explore the impact of how each of our strengths could work together to improve on team dynamics, efficiency, and collaboration. This whole process has been positive and energizing, it has given much food for thought and helped extend the celling on what I had thought my team and I had.

David Fried Chief Program Officer, Atlanta Jewish Community Center

Invest in your team.
Invest in your students.
Invest in yourself.
Invest in your Strengths.