Strengths Coaching for Professional Teams

Take your team to the next level.

Looking to help your team communicate better? Looking for ways to help your staff increase self-awareness and collaborate better? You’ve come to the right place.

Coworker relationships, office culture, and team dynamics play a big role in the results your team achieves. Poor communication, ineffective management techniques, and lack of work/life balance often lead to low engagement, burnout, and staff turnover.

My Strengths-based workshops and retreats will help you create a positive and productive workplace culture; increase job satisfaction and staff retention, and ultimately grow your business.

What happens in a Clifton Strengths Workshop?

Foundational TEAM Strengths Workshop

When we understand our Strengths, we can learn when to dial them up or down depending on the situation. This workshop will guide you and your team to:

Name your Strengths:

Gain language to talk about each team member’s top five Strengths.

Claim your Strengths:

Understand how Strengths can help us or hold us back.

Aim your Strengths:

Identify ways to accomplish goals using Strengths.

Unite your Strengths:

Align team Strengths to improve collaboration and deepen impact.

MavenTree also facilitates retreats and workshops on these topics:

  • Team building
  • Strengths-based Communication
  • Strengths-based Leadership
  • Strengths-based Management
    • Delegating effectively
    • Maximizing check-ins
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Having difficult conversations
    • Creating meaningful performance reviews
    • Celebrating successes as a team
    • Maintaining employee engagement
    • Managing millennials
  • Development of Company Values
    • Hiring in alignment with company values
    • Putting company values into action
Strengths-based Workshops

Current And Past Clients

Ariela was amazing when she came to the Houston County Health District DBA North Central Health District HOPE Center. She facilitated the Clifton Strengths Assessment for about 35 of us and we all learned something about ourselves individually and as a TEAM. I highly recommend Ariela in making us aware of our strengths, aware of ours as well as others’ weaknesses (where we overuse our Strengths), and at the same time still, be able to use our strengths to empower others and the agency. Everyone was impressed.

Brian Easom Director of The Hope Center

Ariela is a fantastic facilitator. I’ve seen her in action multiple times as she had traveled around the Southeast as a presenter for my training center. Her workshops consistently get enthusiastic reviews from participants. She excels at translating high-level concepts into practical skills for real world practitioners. Participants leave feeling competent rather than overwhelmed.

Hilary Merlin - Testimonial
Hilary Merlin Training & Communications Specialist, Region IV Public Health Training Center

Ariela did a 1/2 day CliftonStrengths/StrengthsFinder coaching session for my staff in Atlanta. The feedback was amazing. Everyone talked about how productive it was. Ariela was engaging and creative in keeping everyone’s attention when discussing their strengths. She gave practical solutions on how our team can work together. A follow up coaching call reinforced how my team can best utilize our strengths going forward. I would highly recommend working with Ariela on building a highly productive team strategy focused on individual strengths rather than weaknesses.

Lauren Sok - Testimonial
Lauren Sok Founder, Functionize Health

I highly recommend working with Ariela! She is an expert facilitator, creating warm and supportive spaces that allow for deep learning and sharing. She facilitated a Strengths team building workshop for my team. Not only did it help us to better understand our personal strengths and how they work together, but we were able to create a plan for how to apply these strengths moving forward. This was the perfect way to kick off our strategic planning retreat.

Allison Coffman - Testimonial
Allison Coffman Director, AMPLIFY GEORGIA

Ariela is a wonderful facilitator – knowledgeable, empathetic, responsive. She has mastered the instrument she uses and can apply it in a way that is both illuminating and evocative. People are immediately drawn to her and feel safe under her guidance, allowing important work to be done by groups. I highly recommend Ariela as both a group facilitator and individual consultant.

Paul Wolpe - Testimonial
Paul Wolpe Raymond Schinazi Professor of Bioethics and Director, Center for Ethics, Emory University

I have worked with Ariela on a number of different projects, and it is always a joy. She brings a wealth of experience helping folks understand and use their strengths both individually and in groups.Working with Ariela has been a game changer. Her support has been crucial for our organization to both work together better on our various teams and to better serve our constituents.

Kelly Cohen - Testimonial
Kelly Cohen North American Director of Education, Diller Teen Fellows

It was a pleasure to work with Ariela. Besides being a model of professionalism she was incredibly easy to work with. She was able to provide me and my team with incredible insight into how to use our strengths to lift each other up and improve our overall cohesiveness. We now use these daily to support each other and it has transformed our communication. I was so impressed with Ariela that I proceeded to enlist her services and help to work with a group of female entrepreneurs I support with business strategy. I highly highly recommend Ariela and her programs.

Christa Gurka - Testimonial
Christa Gurka Founder/CEO, Pilates in the Grove

Ariela has done a fantastic job facilitating highly participative sessions! Each consecutive session builds understanding and usage muscle of the strengths. Several team members have engaged in follow-up strengths coaching sessions with Ariela, which further embeds my leadership development ideology, which includes ongoing executive coaching, in the Technology team.

Ariela has been extremely flexible, a wonderful brainstorming partner, demonstrated deep subject matter expertise, and has been open to “creating the new” as the team continues learning to actionize their strengths.

Morinee Terry Human Resources Director - Enterprise, Rheem Manufacturing Company

Invest in your team.
Invest in your students.
Invest in yourself.
Invest in your Strengths.