The Analytical Strength

Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

Analytical is a Strategic Thinking Strength and loves figuring out WHY and HOW. We also love asking who, what, when, and where. Please give us all the details! Knowing the facts – all of the facts – helps us identify and predict patterns for the future. In addition to asking questions, Analytical also wants plenty of time to think and look at situations from all angles. This Strength’s main goal is to figure out the objective Truth (with a capital T!), because there must be an actual truth! (Right? I know there must be an actual truth…)

As someone with Analytical, I’ve often driven people crazy with my incessant questions, especially when something bad takes place. When people share as many details as possible, it helps me see the full picture, understand humans better, and reach into my brain to suggest better ways to approach situations in the future.

  • What happened?
  • Why did that happen?
  • What factors led to it happening that way?
  • Could that have been prevented?
  • How could that have been prevented?
  • Who was in charge of this plan?
  • Why was that person in charge?
  • Does that person need to stay in charge?
  • (No, I don’t want to be in charge. I just want to know why that happened!)


Where does Analytical thrive?

People with Analytical love thought exercises! Be ready to answer all their questions though. For example, consider the popular word game, Wordle. The thrill happens in the few minutes when my brain races through all the options, figuring out which word will give me the highest chances of winning. I know the letters that show up most often in the English language (RSTLNE– thanks, Wheel of Fortune!), so I like to start with a word that gives me a good chance of green and yellow letters (that would be “SLATE,” if you’re wondering). From there, I can analyze where other letters can go, based on common letter combinations. My Analytical Strength is a big part of why I like this game and also why I’m good at it.

Additionally, it can be fun for people with Analytical to play back events to figure out what went right or wrong. Can I watch the re-play on YouTube? Even better. We like knowing what to expect or do better in the future! For example, I recently planned a bachelorette party for 14 guests, and at the end of the weekend I wrote out a few lists: “Do this again,” “Things that went well that were beyond my control,” “Things to change for next time.” You can see how this type of thinking might apply in the workplace setting too – analyzing data and figuring out how to better implement a program, an event, and more. When things don’t play out exactly as I had planned, I enjoy taking time afterwards to process and see what I can learn from the experience. (I just have to be careful not to get in a shame place where I’m feeling upset with myself for what I missed!)

What drives Analytical crazy?

Those of us with Analytical are annoyed when we have to make decisions quickly and without knowing all the details first. We need time to ask questions, read, think, and process before making a decision. We want to have a lot of information because we need to see the whole picture from every angle. It’s a big ask to process something both deeply and quickly! While we may not have words for it at the moment, please know that we get grouchy when you rush us.

Additionally, we can fall into “analysis paralysis” – meaning, we get overwhelmed by too many options that seem very similar. In fact, this Strength doesn’t like having to be the one to make the decision. It’s much happier presenting the options to someone else and letting them decide. We also don’t like when we can’t find the information we need to be able to see the full picture – it’s like not having enough air to breathe. Even worse is having bad data or working with people who are not credible sources. All of these scenarios are frustrating to those of us with the Analytical Strength!

How do I benefit from working with Analytical?

When you have an end goal in mind, you can count on Analytical to help you think through all the possible options. This Strength will gather all the information it can find, think through the logistics, weigh the pros and cons, and suggest an option that will likely bring the most success.

Need someone who can help you do the research and inform your decision-making? Call someone with Analytical!

Written by guest blogger, Anna S.


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