The Discipline Strength

Bringing Order to Chaos.

Discipline is an Executing Strength that is all about efficiency! It loves creating structure and routines in order to make sure everything gets done on time. Its superpower is looking at a mess and quickly figuring out the clean up plan, identifying what supplies are needed, and determining how many people should be involved. People with Discipline are detail-oriented and care about getting things done systematically and meticulously, so no energy is wasted.

Where does Discipline thrive?

People with Discipline appreciate the opportunity to organize and keep track of things. For example, in a work setting, I love files that are named properly and sorted into a logical filing system. At home in the kitchen, I’m the maestro of keeping the pantry and fridge organized and labeled for my family to easily access the ingredients they need. I also keep track of what we need to eat first, and the things we’re out of. At one point, I created grocery lists by writing down where each item was located in the store so I could shop as efficiently as possible. These kinds of activities are thrilling for me!

Additionally, people with Discipline enjoy predictability – I’m happiest when I can count on my schedule being the same and knowing what tasks I need to get done and by when. If you’re planning to change things, please give me as much lead time as possible so I can adjust course and ensure everything still runs smoothly.

What drives Discipline crazy?

As you can imagine, people with Discipline can get stressed out by constant changes in the plan, especially schedules, and roles and responsibilities. If I’m expected to help execute an event (like a potluck or webinar) and something changes at the last minute, there’s a high chance that will send me into an internal frenzy while I try to figure out how to accommodate the new plan. If this happens a lot, it’s a surefire way to burn out someone with Discipline! While Discipline enjoys bringing order to chaos, there’s also such a thing as “too much” mess. If something is too disorganized or complicated, someone with Discipline may not want to approach it, even with a ten-foot pole. Similarly, when I create an organizing system and people don’t use it, I will totally check out, because it feels like a waste of my time and energy.

How do I benefit from working with Discipline?

When you have a project or an environment that’s messy and disorganized, you can rely on someone with Discipline to help you figure out a plan to get things cleaned up and moving forward. If you already have a plan, you can trust someone with Discipline to follow that plan exactly through to completion. No matter what, we will get it done on time, and exactly how you said you wanted it to be done. Need some order brought to your chaos? Call someone with Discipline!

Written by guest blogger, Anna S.


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