Hobbies are important! Singing is one of my favorite ways to create and collaborate. Here are a few projects I’ve been working recently.

Solo Recordings

Album: All in Its Time

Written by Songs by various artists

All in Its Time started as an experimental remix of a favorite Hebrew melody, then grew into a full-length album of mostly cover songs by some of my favorite Jewish artists. Even if you aren’t Jewish, I hope you’ll find something on here that speaks to you. Click on the link below to hear all 11 songs.

Album: On the Other Side

Written by Songs by various artists

I set out to record one song in the studio to see how I liked it, but I ended up falling in love with the whole creative process of recording. This is my first album, On the Other Side. Each song relates to vulnerability, working through fear, claiming your voice, and coming out stronger on the other side.

Single: Old Sea Captain

Written by Storyhill

I recorded this song for a dear friend whose father passed away the previous year. He was a fisherman from the Azores, and the cover shows a picture of his boat. The original song has a Spanish verse, then we added in a little Portuguese to honor the family’s native language.

Music Video: Shabbat Hamalkah

Written by Rabbi Micah Lapidus

I love this gorgeous video produced by my long-time friend, Andrew Rasmussen of Cardinal Theatricals. The video is made extra special because my mom and my daughter are both featured in it, not to mention the many family artifacts woven in throughout.

The Mamalehs

Ahavat Olam

Written by Gabriel Shabbtai Rutman and Piper Rose Rutman

I sing in a trio called The Mamalehs with my friends, Shana Cohen and Amy Robertson. This is our most recent release, inspired by the version that the Platt Brothers produced a few years ago.


Written by Rabbi Josh Warshawsky

Emet is a cover of an original song by Rabbi Josh Warshawsky about Truth. We recorded this for High Holidays 2021. Will Robertson wrote and produced this arrangement for us that includes the Jeffres family saxophone quartet!


Written by Rabbi Micah Shapiro

The Mamalehs love this beautiful song by Rabbi Micah Shapiro about returning to yourself. We were inspired to create our own version in early 2021 through a combination of improvisation and experimentation in the studio.


Baruch Ata B'voecha (Blessed Are You)

Written by Rick Calvert

We’ve sung this song by Rick Calvert for years, and we finally recorded and released it officially in 2021. You’ll hear Will Robertson on guitar, who also produced this song for us.

Congregation Bet Haverim Chorus

On the Day

Written by Humbird

I am a proud alto in the chorus of my synagogue, Congregation Bet Haverim. We recorded this song over the summer of 2020, all from our own homes. I am so proud of our work together on this song.

This Be Dear To Me

Written by David Berkeley

We started recording our new album in the fall of 2019, and this was one of the last songs we recorded before Covid hit. I think this is one of the most beautiful songs we’ve done, and I hope you enjoy it too.

Background Vocals

The God Tree Blooming Party

Written by Gayanne Geurin

I love this whole album, released by Gayanne Geurin. I was so excited to get to sing on this song written about a beautiful tree in our friends’ yard. This song is brimming with joyous energy, including the delighted coos of Gayanne’s grand babies.


Written by Will Robertson

This song has become a favorite among my synagogue chorus friends, and I’m honored to sing some fun harmonies here. Will recorded this song shortly after Covid hit, and it’s a great reminder to keep looking around us to find the beauty in the world.

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