The Activator Strength

Let’s get this party started!

What better Strength than Activator to kick off a Strengths Series? Activator is an Influencing Strength that is high energy and loves to make things happen with a group. This Strength is the spark and catalyst that can get the ball rolling and rescue people from over-thinking. It’s not fearless – rather, it is comfortable navigating uncharted territory. Activator knows that we can’t think something into existence (or perfection!), but that we have to try things out in real life and make adjustments to find something that works.


Where does an Activator thrive?

As an Activator myself, I can tell you that starting new projects can be a lot of fun for us. And – to be perfectly honest, I haven’t planned this series all out yet, which is part of the excitement. I enjoy the process of learning as I go, which is central to my Activator nature. We have a strong internal drive to take quick action, and we’re not afraid to work without a net. Activators love having a group of people who are eager to jump on board and get going alongside us. The flip side of this excitement is that we Activators tend to enjoy initiating projects, but not finishing them. We often tend to rely on people with Executing Strengths to take us across the finish line (thank you, Achievers!).


What drives an Activator crazy?

One of my best friends, Christina, is a meticulous planner who makes detailed grocery lists ahead of time and crosses items off as they go in the cart. (This is her Discipline Strength at work!) While I love my friend, going food shopping with her can cramp my Activator’s style. Activator just wants to peruse the aisles, creating a menu along the way.  So what if we missed something? We’ll figure it out – that’s part of the fun! I can feel my friend’s Discipline silently judging me as I “inefficiently” take extra laps around the store to find what I need.

Activators are also offended by waiting around or feeling like they are wasting their time. Carpool, security, and grocery lines can make us ridiculously antsy and annoyed. Many years ago, I was in a hurry to get off a plane to visit my brother in the hospital and was probably sighing audibly at the slow line. The woman in front of me turned and said, “Patience is a virtue, my dear.”  My 18-year-old self responded with a wry smile, “Yes, but unfortunately it isn’t one of mine.” At 43, I’d say that this is still pretty true of me.


How do I benefit from working with an Activator?

If you have an Activator in your life, you may get frustrated by our lack of patience, but remember that an Activator gets energy from making things happen, especially with a group! Our superpower is getting others excited and on board to participate.

Need to move something from plan to reality? Call an Activator! We are the rocket launch you need to get up and going! Just be sure that you fasten your seatbelt now, because we’ll hit the gas before the words are even out of your mouth!

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